Sunday, 14 June 2009

Saturday Part 2

Well Clarky is really sick. He's got a bad stomach virus with high fever. So the rest of the weekend was spent trying to keep Audrey and Maddox away from Clark so they wouldn't get sick too. We went to the mall last night and saw Up (or at least part of it until Clark started spewing).

Today Josh, Audrey, and Maddox went to the park, Sam's, the mall...anything to avoid this hot house!

We've had so much fun with this little guy and know his mom and dad are missing him big-time. See you tomorrow!!

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The Billmans said...

I'm so glad Clark is feeling better. No stomach bug here so we must be in the clear. Have I mentioned you guys are the BEST!!! Maddox had a blast and I know he misses all the action of the Morrison home. Thanks for all the great blogging! I think we just needed to get the one vacation without a kiddo in tow out of our system. It's kid friendly vacations from here on out!!! Love you guys mucho!