Thursday, 24 April 2008

San Francisco Trip

We went to San Francisco and the Bay area for a continuing education conference and vacation. Our good friends, the Carters, live in Palo Alto as Chris finishes up business school. Our trip started pretty rough as we forgot we barely made our flight and forgot Clark's pacifier. He squirmed all over the place for four hours straight. The one thing that saved us on the flight is Clark's love to throw things. He would throw the ball ( left handed-which is good for his future baseball career) and catch it over and over and over. I'm not exaggerating here it was probably like at least one hour per flight of doing this. Anyway, we stayed out in Berkeley our first four nights as I went to my lectures. Clark did trash his first hotel room (see pic). Friday, we went to Fairyland (I know it's San Francisco but it's not what you think) and Clark saw his second baseball game as we went to an A's game. We visited University of Cal-Berkeley where some of these pics where taken at sunset. Some students live in the trees adjacent to the football stadium in protest of the expansion of the stadium. On Monday, we made it into San Francisco and went to see Alcatraz. The one thing that really struck me was the size of the cells (5' wide x 7' high x 9' deep). I made Clark get behind bars to see what it'd feel like if he keeps acting as rowdy as he has lately. The Golden Gate park had an awesome playground with a concrete slide on a hill. You went down on a piece of cardboard. It entertained all of us for about 30 minutes straight. Our last night, we had a great visit with the Carters and got to see some of the Stanford campus. I'll speak for Shannon here. Even though we didn't get to do everything we wanted because of nap times, early bedtimes, and general rowdiness, our kids enrich our lives beyond measure and I'd bring them anywhere.

Clark's Birthday Take Two

Here's some pics from Clark's birthday party in Nacogdoches. We had a great weekend at the lake at Bebe and Pop's. Clark looks like he has a little Edgar blood in him as he reached out to touch the flame on the candle (FYI- my mom's side of the family really enjoys burning things, ask Jacob next time you see him for details).

Here goes sappy Dad post. Shannon and I are amazed that one year has already past with this special little guy. He's gone through so many phases but has constantly remained a sweet, calm, unassuming little boy (recent exceptions on trip to San Francisco but occur after year birthday details later). At first, I wasn't sure I could love another child as much as I did Audrey but he has definitely proved me wrong. Some highlights-waking up every 2 hours for six months, army crawl, his faux-hawk haircut, first ballgame at Fenway, his Johnny Jump-Up, and his little stature (you're welcome for those genes son.) I love coming home from work. The moment I walk in the door, Audrey yells, "Daddy's home!" comes running and gives me a hug. Clark's face lights up the second he sees me and immediately does his speed crawl to me. To top it off, I get a kiss from my beautiful bride. Anyway, we are in love with our little man and can't wait to see all the great things he'll do.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

anniversary party

Finally got some pics of Grandma and Grandpa Morrison's 65th anniversary party.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Clark's Birthday

Here's some pics from one of Clark's birthday parties. We had another one three days later in Nacogdoches. A sappy blog post from his dad will follow shortly.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Good job Mom!

Here's what transpired when we went to Luby's on Saturday for "kids eat free" day. We got situated and set everyone up to eat, when Audrey realized that I had not given her anything to drink.

In her best manners she said, "Mom may I please have my drink?"

"Oh sure, here you go," I handed it to her.

"Thanks, Mom. I like how you're being obedient."

It was all we could do not to crack up laughing.