Thursday, 26 January 2006

Just like her Dad

Seems like Audrey has been watching me too closely. If this type of behavior continues she may end up with a belly like her Grandpa Morrison.


Audrey does her first Elvis impression.

Let's Have Lunch

Audrey got together for lunch with some of her friends. Here's Ethan, Colin, Macy and Audrey lounging on the couch.

Ellie's B-day

Ellie had her first birthday party in Nederland. She's a pretty popular kid as the party was jumping with the bass kicked in and the vegas pumping.

Hold on my Celly is blowing up

Audrey can't go anywhere without her celly.

Audrey and Aunt Jennifer

Audrey got a great surpise when Aunt Jennifer stopped by on her way back to A&M. I'm pretty sure the only reason she stopped by was to see Audrey.

Ollie's first B-day!

Here's a picture from Ollie's first b-day. Jeremy and Candace, Ollie's parents, set quite the precedent for birthdays by renting a moonwalk. This is Ollie and Audrey playing together.

I want to be in Oasis!

Audrey tries to comb her hair like the guys in Oasis. I don't think this look is really working for her.

Saturday, 14 January 2006

Skitarie's Christmas Present

It was finally cold enough to wear Skitarie's Christmas present. I think she did a good job picking it out, because Audrey looks pretty freaking cute.

Chuck E. Cheese

Audrey had her first of what will probably be many visits to Chuck E. Cheese. The Warners have David's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese every year. This tradition is still continuing despite the fact that he's nineteen. We had a great time. David and I had about an hour long competition on the basketball game to try to beat the high score. We came to the conclusion that the game cheats.

Sunday, 8 January 2006

Parent Commitment

Tonight at our church we had Parent Commitment for Audrey's life. We have committed to raise Audrey in a Christian household and teach her about Christ, which she will hopefully accept as her personal saviour when she reaches the age of accountability. We were so lucky to be joined by a lot of our family and they also made a commitment to help raise Audrey in a Christian environment. Thanks so much for coming, it meant the world to us!

Coke Advertisement

Coke should abandon those stupid polar bears and get a real spokesmodel like this cutie.

Thursday, 5 January 2006

New hairstyle

Audrey went to the world famous Nick Arrojo stylist from Shannon's favorite show "What Not to Wear" and this is the real winner that he came up with.

Bringing in the New Year

Notice to Grandparents: Skip to bottom for just Audrey updates. 2006 finally arrived. This is the year that I've looked forward to for a long time because I will finally graduate from optometry school. When you've strived for something since 8th grade, it feels really good to come close to reaching your goal. Well anyway, we had a small get together for New Years. Wes, Danny, Travis, Jennifer, Jason, Kendra, and Skitarie came over to hang out. It was fun to see everyone and we really enjoyed ourselves. Life is really funny because while I don't think I've ever been happier, I got kind of sad missing all of the times that we used to just hang out with no responsibility and the fun that we used to have.
Audrey brought in the new year with us and stayed up until two in the morning. She's so much fun and seemed to be the center of attention for a lot of the party.

More Christmas

One of the things about being married and now having a baby is that you get to have multiple Christmas celebrations. Here's some pictures of our third Christmas gathering at the Edgars. Shannon won the money jar, a tradition of guessing the amount of loose change in a jar, so we can now go the Laundromat many times. Grandma Edgar gave some very meaningful pots and pans of Granny Williford's to Luke and Stephanie and also gave Grandpa a very nice shadowbox of his army memorabilia.

Christmas Day

Here's a picture of Audrey and Shannon right after opening her stocking on Christmas day. We had a very relaxed Christmas day and opened presents later at night. Shannon and I only bought her two presents but the grandmas were there to spoil her rotten.