Wednesday, 21 December 2005

A different use for the walker

Audrey is starting to master walking with her walker. It gets frustrating because our house is so tiny that we constantly have to redirect her. She even started getting bored with walking and decided to use it as a ladder.

A Festivus Miracle!!

Audrey took her first steps (a whole 1.5 steps) during Christmas at the Bales house. One of Audrey's many presents was a walker which she practiced with and then she took some steps from her walker to the coffee table. She loved being with the Shannon family and I'm not sure there was a moment that she wasn't held by someone. Thanks to everyone for all the presents for her. She loves them.

For those who don't know, Festivus is an alternate Christmas celebrated by the Costanza family on Seinfeld. It is my favorite episode.

Sunday, 11 December 2005

Katherine the babysitter

Katherine got to come over and take care of Audrey this afternoon. They had a lot of fun at the park.

Thursday, 8 December 2005

The weather outside is frightening.

It's really cold here in Houston. I feel really bad for Audrey because our hardwood floors that she crawls around on all day are really cold. Her hands are like ice when we pick her up. Here is a pic of her bundled up to go outside.

Christmas Tradition

We get Audrey an ornament for each different place that she visits during the year, and so it is now a tradition for her to hang all of the ornaments that she gets on the tree. This year she has a New Orleans, Stone Mountain GA, and North Carolina ornament. Hopefully sometime soon she'll get to add more. Beth had to help her hang them.

Hospital Trip

Audrey got really sick and had to be admitted to the hospital because she was dehydrated. One of the few benefits to living in Houston is the great medical care which Audrey received at Texas Children's Hospital. (I say all of this before I've seen the bill for all of this fine care) Shannon and Beth had to take her on Monday afternoon while I was in the middle of taking my national board exams. So after I got finished with testing on Monday, I went to the hospital and stayed for a while. I feel like a really bad father, because I had more testing the next day so I went home to spend the night. Shannon, being the super mother and wife, stayed beside Audrey's side the whole time! Audrey looked adorable in her hospital gown and when waving bye-bye to people with her IV hand which was in a splint. Well she stayed overnight and got really hydrated as you can tell by this picture. She wasn't too happy about the whole ordeal though.

First Christmas Party!

Audrey enjoyed her first Christmas party at our church. She made an ornamenet(my favorite on the tree), made some cookie mix, rode a pony, and most importantly heard the story of the birth of Jesus. Here's a pic from the party.