Friday, 29 July 2016

Colorado trip 2016

James', Charlie's, Elle's, and Margot's signature poses by a double rainbow.
About every other year, my family goes to Estes Park, CO with my maternal family. I had about eighteen other people stay with me  but it actually was a great trip. We stayed at the YMCA there and all my siblings, cousins (the ones three and up), and I went to the day camp there. Here are some pics from the trip.
 From left to right: James, Alex, Charlie, Elle, Margot (with the mean face, as always.), Clark, me, Molly
David, Kelly's son, and Josephine, Brigid and Joey's daughter are SOOOOOO CUTE!

Words to live by, with Margot Morrison

  1. When you're angry make a "sh"-ing sound with your teeth clenched and scream,"How rude of you!"(That's the updated version; she used to say "You... Baby butt!"like it was the worst thing she could think of.)
  2. Make a rude face every time someone tries to take a picture of you. (See below)
  3. Insist on being the "mom" when the younger three play "House" and boss everyone around.
  4. When you don't get your way, cross your arms and walk around  pouting.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Clark and Audrey

I forgot that you guys might not know what Clark and I look like.
Clark is still obsessed with sports. He's a pretty good pitcher, though. But he calls himself "a disgrace to the family" because he played for the Yankees. He's going into 4th grade.
Me, well, I'm a busy bee. I sing, act, dance, play basketball and soccer, remain a Baylor fan, and, on top of it all, babysit. I'm going into 6th grade.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Alex is a sports lover and reader. The kid hits at least one home run each game in T-ball.


Elle is quite the gymnast. She's SOOOOO good on bars. She's also a soccer BEAST.
Sorry I don't have any more pictures. My mom has some pretty good pictures on Facebook of her. 

Can you see her freakish muscles flexing?

Monday, 11 July 2016


                                     This is the cute, adorable side of Margot.
                       Now, I a will show you a mild psycho picture of her.
   Remember, that was mild. If I showed more of those, Margot would go all psycho on me.     


Hi! I'm Audrey, the girl that's in all those  pictures from back in 2005-2011. Yeah. Her. So, anyway, I'm taking over the blog that my parents deserted and informing you about my life. You also might want to know that we have three other kids, Alexander Emmanuel Morrison, born on July 19th, 2009, loves sports and technically is a mini-version of Clark. He's about to turn seven. Elle Munezero Morrison, born on June 14th, 2010, she is a gymnast and is a wonderful big sister to Margot. She's six. (Alex and Elle didn't become our family officially till we adopted them somewhere in March 2011.) Margot Julianne Morrison, born on October 4th, 2012. She is three now and adorable and psycho at the same time. We also have a new dog and lots of new cousins.
So, I will do my best to inform you of it all the next few posts will be so you can catch up with us. Thank you!