Wednesday, 30 November 2005


As you can see by the size of Audrey's belly, she really liked her first Thanksgiving meal.

Friends are Friends Forever

I believe the great Michael W. Smith(or maybe it was Zach Morris with the Zach Attack, I can't really remember)once said "Friends are Friends forever as long as the Lord is the Lord of them." Well anyway, it's been 10 months now and Audrey and Ellie's friendship is still going great. Here's some pictures of the cuties in their nice dresses.

Eye Exam

Audrey came to the University Eye Institute for her first eye exam yesterday. She was seen by a superb 4th year student who really cared about her and her eyes. This doctor even changed Audrey during the exam and fed her while she dilated! Now that's some good service. Her eyes looked great which the doctor was extremely happy about.

Sunday, 27 November 2005

Doing Dishes

We didn't give Audrey a bath for two days. So, she took things into her own hands and decided to climb in the dishwasher for a possible cleaning.

Thursday, 3 November 2005

The Rich and Famous

After only nine months, Audrey took her first limo ride. It only took Shannon and I twenty-five years to accomplish this feat. This was compliments of David Richardson as we celebrated him finally asking Ashley Otwell to marry him. After David popped the question, we took the Hummer limo up to Dallas where we ate at Ashley's favorite spot, Pappadeaux's. Here's a picture of the sweet ride. Supposedly, it gets a whopping 4mpg.