Saturday, 24 February 2007

Veteran Cruiser

We finally got the pictures from our Caribbean cruise with my family in January. Instead of exchanging gifts for Christmas this year, we all went on a cruise. Hopefully it will become a tradition. Audrey is quite a sailor with three cruises under her belt now. Being somewhat isolated from family here makes you appreciate them even more, so it was a great to spend so much time with them. I guess one of the things that you realize as you get older is how important family is.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Birthday Party

Audrey had a wonderful 2nd Birthday party. She really appreciated all of her guests and her presents. I think we ended up totally approximately 52 people. Shannon made a Beaumont meal with red beans and rice and shrimp etouffee for everyone. Again, we really appreciate everyone driving in. You truly made her day special and she loved being the center of attention. One of the really special pics here is Audrey with three sets of her great grandparents: the Bales, Shannons, and Morrisons (the Edgars couldn't make it because Grandpa broke his ankle-we hope you get well soon).

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Future Colleague

Audrey looks like a future colleague with an affinity for glasses. Throughout the years, Shannon has asked me to choose between her and glasses many times. Glasses always win. Looks like it'll be that way for Audrey too.

Friday, 2 February 2007

Aye, Aye, Aye Audrey!

or however you spell that! This is what we say when Audrey spills or makes a mess, and she has now started saying it preemptively. When you hear her say that, grab a towel. This morning she had not even been awake three hours when she had said it six times. She had, 1) spilled my tall glass of orange juice, 2) pulled the leftover birthday cake off the counter, 3) had an accident, 4) pulled some soot out of the fireplace, 5) (while I was cleaning the ashes) unfolded my newly folded laundry with soot-hands, and 6) had another accident.

To her credit she actually asked for a nap today (a relatively recent phenomenon). I think she knew I was sick of her!

Thursday, 1 February 2007

The Most Amazing Two Years

Jennifer, I know you've been waiting up for this emotional post all night. So here it goes, today is Audrey's second birthday. Shannon and I can't believe how these past two years have flown by and changed our lives so much for the better. Audrey has brought so much joy and happiness into our home. Literally every night we lay in bed and think of the cute things she did that day. As we've looked back on pictures of even just last year at this time, we are amazed by how much she's grown. After I married my beautiful bride, I honestly thought my heart was full but with Audrey and our new son I sometimes think my heart will burst with the amount of love I have for my family (cheesy I know, but just like my dad always said "you'll never know how I feel until you have kids of your own"). I wish somehow my words could do some justice for the joy Audrey has brought us, but I don't think they could even scratch the surface of it. Well here's some pictures of Audrey at the Funland and of her with her birthday cake.