Friday, 24 February 2006

pretty little pobre

Audrey is sick again, so I'm having to take care of two little girls. She's taking a page right out of her mother's book and has become quite the pobrecita (poor baby for those of you who don't hablo espanol). Audrey has a 102 degree fever, so she has a reason. Shannon on the other hand....

How much wood could Audrey chuck...

My mother bought Audrey this crib and actually made the manufacturer send her two more end pieces because she thought they weren't sanded properly. I can't wait till she sees what Audrey did here.

Monday, 20 February 2006

Bundled Up

So, I almost drove off the road because I kept looking back at Audrey when this picture was taken. She looks adorable in this sweater all bundled up.

Audrey Gone Wild!

Audrey earned a couple strands of beads with some wild behavior. She will be punished appropriately.

Cousin Gavin

Audrey had fun seeing her cousin Gavin this past weekend.

Butt Cut

Audrey wanted to comb her hair like I once did. Before you make fun, just remember what kind of hair cut Jesus had. Then you should think twice about making fun of Audrey and I.

Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Just like Mom

Bebe and Pop bought Audrey a kitchen for her birthday. Hopefully she'll become as good of a cook as her mom and grandmother. She's off to a good start though. Bobby Flay better watch out.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day this year was quite special as three very special women were at my house: my beautiful wife, daughter, and mother. I'm proud to say that they all awoke to flowers. Here's a pic of Audrey showing off her rose. It was a great day as my perfect wife and I actually got to go on a date to Brennan's for a romantic dinner.

Make My Day

Audrey dares anyone to defy her cuteness.

Sunday, 12 February 2006

New Coat

Another beautiful day and Audrey whimpered all day long to try to get outside. This is her in her new coat. She did have an accident and fell down the steps in the back. Her beautiful face got kind of scraped up a little, but she was okay.

It's my party

Audrey wants to say thank you to everyone that came to her party. She really appreciates all the gifts and most of all your presence. Shannon made a wonderful lunch for everyone and Audrey loved seeing all of her baby friends (Isa, Macy, Ollie, Elie, Henry). The party was a double Audrey birthday celebration as Audrey's great grandmother, Audrey, also had a birthday. One of her other great grandmothers, Shirley Shannon, had a birthday the day before. Thanks to everyone for their help with Audrey this past year. It's been such a blessing to have such a great support from family and friends.

Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Great Weather

We are still having great weather in Houston and Audrey loves to be outside. When we finally got her to come back inside, she dumped her milk all over herself.

Monday, 6 February 2006

Wednesday, 1 February 2006

1st Birthday

Today is Audrey's first birthday! What a great year it's been (by far the best of our lives). Shannon and I could have never envisioned all the joy that a little girl could bring into our home. People always want to know if I can believe that she's a year old. Well, it's a complicated question to answer. It seems like forever ago that we brought her home from the hospital, but as we look back on pictures it's hard to believe that she's grown up so fast and it's exciting to think of all the great things she'll do in her life. God has blessed us more than we could ever imagine with this precious little girl. To sum this past year up, I'll have to quote Joe Cocker. "She's everything I hoped for." (FYI. Yes Skitarie, I am crying as I write this. You'll never know how I feel until you have children of your own.)

Playing at the Park

Audrey in her Sunday clothes after brunch.