Sunday, 26 June 2005

Tongue tricks

Here's a couple of cute pics from Audrey's great-grandparents The Morrisons. She is very expressive with that tongue!

Wednesday, 22 June 2005

New Orleans-First Vacation

Shannon and I got off work for two days and decided to take Audrey on her first vacation. On the streetcar down St. Charles St, Audrey and I were sitting close to the aisle when a girl in a mini-skirt got on and started to sit next to us. Before they sat down Audrey started grabbing the bottom the girl's skirt. The girl turned around really fast and I thought she was about to slap me. Then I felt like an idiot saying that the baby did it. Well people on the streetcar got a good laugh out of it.
We started a new tradition for Audrey and will buy an ornament for all of her places that she visits. Shannon and I got to add a new flag to our tradition of buying flag magnets to all the places that he have visited together. We had a great time and ate some unbelieveable food. We recommend K-Paul's Cajun Kitchen and Redfish Grille.
I'm proud to say that neither of my girls earned any beads on Bourbon street.

Friday, 17 June 2005

Josh's first Father's Day

Josh had a great first Father's Day--very relaxing and low-key. We watched two movies and the NBA finals. Audrey is really able to hold things well so I gave her the presents to give her dad and he liked it very much. Here's a picture of what we made her granddads.

Sunday, 12 June 2005

Future Baylor Bear

Another trip to Waco! On her first trip she was only 5 weeks old so we decided to take her to visit Sarah and Bret before they move to Lawrence and see the Baylor Bears win the SuperRegionals! Audrey also got to see her second cousin (?) Gavin and eat dinner with him in his gorgeous new house.

Thursday, 9 June 2005

I'm a bad mom.

Audrey fell off the bed for the first time today! We had only seen her roll twice (from back to tummy) so we were very surprised that she was able to roll more than 3 feet over pillows and off the bed! Poor Jennifer (Josh's sister) had to console her but we took her to the doctor and everything was fine. Since that morning she has rolled over a hundred times or more.

Soaking up the sun

Audrey laying out after her first swim! Our next door neighbors Dr. Wensveen and Dr. Smith built a beautiful pool and we are putting it to good use!

Here we go...

Well I've been inspired by my friend Abbey to better document all of Audrey's accomplishments and keep our out-of-town friends and family up to date on what's happening. This is probably as close as I'll come to making a great Creative Memories scrapbook!