Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fun with Maddox

This week I'll be doing a bunch of detailed posts about our days because Maddox is staying with us! Sarah and Bret are on a getaway to NYC without their little man so I promised I would keep them up to date with all of his cuteness.

We had a great first day. Maddox woke up at 7:40 and we headed out the door to pick up donuts and go play at Cole and Kate's house. When we got in the car Audrey said, "YAY! We have another brother! God gave us a new brother!"

Cole and Kate live on Belton Lake and have an incredible backyard! It was nice and overcast and everyone played really hard. We brought Caroline and Abby home with us and I dropped them off with Audrey and Clark while I took Maddox to the grocery store. He was a little cutie pointing to all the produce and the lady at the checkout lane said he looked just like me! Hah!

We had grilled chicken and fruit for lunch, followed by a 2 hour nap. Maddox's favorite toy is the shopping cart, followed closely by the piggy bank. He woke up from nap with a runny nose but he seems to be feeling fine.

When Josh got home from work we all got on the bed for wrestling and "efe-hache" (family holding). Maddox seemed a little overwhelmed by all of this but he played along with our craziness. Dinner was spaghetti, corn, peas, and apple. He amused us all by sucking the sauce off his spaghetti and then kind of flossing his teeth with each noodle before sucking it up.

Quick bath, then stories.

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