Thursday, 4 December 2008


Here are a couple of funny things Audrey has said lately.

Today whe
n watching Dora (yuck!), Dora asked the audience, "What was your favorite part of the trip?" Audrey started saying, "Um my my my favorite part of the trip, my favorite part of the trip was..." Then Dora said, "Great! I liked that part too!" Audrey was outraged, "Mom, she didn't let me finish! Mom she has poor manners! She is not being very patient."

Yesterday Audrey was playi
ng with her Disney Princess Write and Learn book and Clark kept trying to climb on top of it and take it away. Audrey started shouting, "Clark, no learning!! no learning, you hear me?!"


Katie said...

that's awesome! I hate Dora. I finally just stopped letting Jack watch it. It annoyed me too much. Audrey has a point. She does have poor manners!


I love the Dora story! I've always wondered if that was really enough time for a pre-schooler to answer. :)