Sunday, 23 August 2009

Last Weekend of Summer

I'm not 100% it counts but we did make a quick trip this weekend to Galveston/Houston. So it depends on your definition of swimming holes if we completed our task or not. I do think we will try to visit some in a couple weeks down in San Antonio. I (Josh) had a great time being with my kids as Shannon went on a girl's weekend trip. We went down to Galveston with Gigi, Dada, Carol, Lauren and the kids. Then we had a great suprise as Bebe, Pop, and Molly showed up. There had been rumors they may come but in somewhat typical Bales fashion- no direct communication to confirm.

After the beach, Clark went to his first Astros game. He was in love. The pic from the rail is when he first got in the stadium and ran to see what it was all about. It was another of those times when I can say that I would have rather done nothing else in the world. Holding him and watching him take in everything was really special. His expression in the up close picture tells it all. He yelled "Go Astros" and kept wanting to go find that rabbit (their mascot, Junction Jack). After we bought his Astros logo ball (tradition for all the ball parks he visited which I do have to rebuy thanks to the guy who broke in our house), he wouldn't let it go at all. Kudos to Brigid for getting me a Biggio collectible even though we weren't one of the first 10,000.

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