Wednesday, 3 September 2008

First Day of School

Last Monday was a really hard day for Shannon and I as we sent Audrey to her first day of pre-school. We had to face the realization that she's not our Lil 'A anymore. She's so grown up and has real conversations with me. Today, Audrey and I were in the bedroom and she wanted some snuggling. She said "I think something's missing. I need your wife and my bestie (Clark)."


fur fur said...

i can't handle it. i need to see those children.

Zoe said...

Audrey looks so big in her uniform.
You will have to keep me udated on what you think of the school.

Justin said...

Wow,hard to believe she's so big!! You'll have to give me some girl advice. Rachel should be having Megan in about 7 weeks!