Monday, 19 November 2007

Audrey speaks

I'm trying to be better about capturing more every-day things with the kids, so I thought you might enjoy some Audrey-isms.

- "bree-zuh" for zebra
- "I help make-uh the bed."
- anytime Clark cries, it's for one of two reasons: "Oh, he's scared of lions." or, "Oh, Clarky wants his Pop (Shannon's dad)."
- "Oh, that clock!" This is from Cinderella and she says it to express frustration at anyone or anything.
- "Let's get some snugglin!" This is invariably the second thing out of her mouth when Josh gets home from work, following, "Welcome home!" She makes us all jump in the bed for some "snugglin'."
- "Can I please have a blue ah-bar?" This means a granola bar in a blue wrapper (as opposed to the ones in the green wrappers which do not contain chocolate chips).


JJ said...
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JJ said...

i love it.
her new haircut is cute too :)

Sarah Bales said...

The time that passes between postings about Lila and Quark feels like years. I want to see pictures of her in her Thanksgiving sweater!

stephers315 said...

i confirm the thing about the lions...i was really confused when she said it :)