Tuesday, 27 September 2005

First Hurricane

Well our first evacuation was quite an adventure. We left Wednesday night at midnight and started on Hwy 59 to Nacogdoches. In one hour, we made it to the airport and abandoned the hwy 59 plan. So we tried our best to get to Hwy 69 and head up. Eventually we made the trip in 6 hours which normally takes 2.5 hours. We faired a lot better than Pop Bales who took 12 hours by staying on hwy 59 the whole way. Thankfully, Audrey was perfect the whole ride. As the hurricane headed towards Beaumont we worried about our family, but got great news when Grandma and Grandpa Morrison showed up in Nacogdoches. The rest of my family headed to Austin.

The hurricane didn't do too much damage to Nacogdoches, except knock over a lot of trees and everyone's power. However in Beaumont, we don't even know how much damage took place because no one is allowed back in as of yet.

This is a picture of road back to the farm in Warren. The road is completely blocked with trees, but the house seems to be okay.

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